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Courses Handbook 2014

This handbook contains information for courses and units at Curtin in 2014.
Information for the previous year's courses and units is available at Courses Handbook 2013.

4542 (v.9) Operating Systems 200

Area: Department of Computing
Credits: 25.0
Contact Hours: 3.0
TUITION PATTERNS: The tuition pattern provides details of the types of classes and their duration. This is to be used as a guide only. Precise information is included in the unit outline.
Lecture: 1 x 2 Hours Weekly
Workshop: 1 x 1 Hours Weekly
Prerequisite(s): 1922 (v.8) Data Structures and Algorithms 120 or any previous version
    10163 (v.10) Unix and C Programming 120 or any previous version
    313670 (v.1) Engineering Programming 210 or any previous version
UNIT REFERENCES, TEXTS, OUTCOMES AND ASSESSMENT DETAILS: The most up-to-date information about unit references, texts and outcomes, will be provided in the unit outline.
Syllabus: The operating systems are a critical part of any computer systems, and therefore it is important for all computing students to have sufficient knowledge of operating systems that evolve with the development of computer technologies. In this unit students will learn the following main OS components: process, thread, and their communication and synchronizations; CPU scheduling algorithms; deadlock detection, prevention, and avoidance; memory management, including memory allocation, memory paging and segmentation, and virtual memory; file system interface, implementation, and access methods; disk structure, scheduling, management and reliability; I/O management; and protection and security concepts and implementations.
Field of Education: 020117 Operating Systems
Result Type: Grade/Mark


Year Location Period Internal Partially Online Internal Area External Central External Fully Online
2014 Bentley Campus Semester 1 Y        
2014 Miri Sarawak Campus Semester 1 Y        
2014 Sri Lanka Inst Info Tech Semester 1 Y        

Area External refers to external course/units run by the School or Department or offered by research.

Central External refers to external and online course/units run through the Curtin Bentley-based Distance Education Area

Partially Online Internal refers to some (a portion of) learning provided by interacting with or downloading pre-packaged material from the Internet but with regular and ongoing participation with a face-to-face component retained. Excludes partially online internal course/units run through the Curtin Bentley-based Distance Education Area which remain Central External

Fully Online refers to the main (larger portion of) mode of learning provided via Internet interaction (including the downloading of pre-packaged material on the Internet). Excludes online course/units run through the Curtin Bentley-based Distance Education Area which remain Central External

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