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Courses Handbook 2018

This handbook contains information for courses and units at Curtin in 2018.
Information for the previous year's courses and units is available at Courses Handbook 2017.

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GEOL6002Advanced HydrogeologyDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL5022Advanced Predictive Mineral ExplorationDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL5004Applied GeochemistryDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL5021Applied Sedimentology and StratigraphyDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL5019Applied Structural GeologyDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL3000Basin Analysis and Petroleum SystemsDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL7000Doctoral Thesis - GeologyDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL5007Energy ResourcesDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL3008Environmental GeoscienceDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL5011Environmental GeoscienceDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL1003Evolving Earth Systems and PalaeontologyDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL2008Field Geology TechniquesDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL5005Field Geology and MapsDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL3007Field Geology of Precambrian TerranesDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL3009Field Mapping and Stratigraphy of Sedimentary SystemsDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL1005Fundamentals of Geology 1Department of Applied Geology
GEOL1006Fundamentals of Geology 2Department of Applied Geology
GEOL5003Geological ConceptsDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL2009Geological Field MappingDepartment of Applied Geology
GEOL1000Geological PrinciplesDepartment of Applied Geology


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